International Network of Bishops and Archbishops (INBA)

Motto: unifying and connecting ministers worldwide.

Mission statement:
  • The INBA mission is to unify, equip and connect Bishops & Archbishops globally in order to speak with one voice without denominational barrier;
  • Unite Bishops and Archbishops on a city, state, country and continent basis for maximum influence and spiritual impact;
  • Organize conferences that equip and empower all spiritually;
  • Promote accountability, integrity, humility, teachability and transparency among Bishops and Archbishops
  • Work on activation of grace in different areas in the life of Bishops and Archbishops.
Membership requirements:
  • Typewritten application to join INBA;
  • Fill our membership form and attach photocopy of all ministerial credentials;
  • Pay $50 for individual and $100 for organizational membership;
  • Submit your form to your country or contimental President.
Membership benefits:
  • Recognition of valid consecrated Bishops and Archbishops;
  • Membership certificate;
  • Consecration of Bishops with recognized credentials;
  • Opportunity to attend global, continental and national conferences;
  • Email communication and networking;
  • Prayer coverage.

INBA Global Representatives
  • Hon. Most Rev. Dr. Cesidio Tallini (Int'l President)
  • Most Rev. Prof. Dr. Frédéric P. Burcklé (European President)
  • Archbishop Vijay Emmanuel (Asian President)
  • Archbishop Richard Khoza (African President)
  • Bishop Claude Romuald (South American President)
  • Bishop Godwin Osung (Establishmentarian)
  • Archbishop A.E. Osung (Advisory Council)

College of Bishops and Archbishops (COBA)
  • Chief Consecrator – Bishop Godwin Osung (Worldwide)
  • Deputy Chief Consecrator I – Hon. Most Rev. Dr. Cesidio Tallini (North America)
  • Deputy Chief Consecrator II – Archbishop A.E. Osung (Africa)
  • College International Secretary – Bishop Claude Romuald (South America)
  • Member – Archbishop Richard Khoza (Africa)
  • Member – Most Rev. Prof. Dr. Frédéric P. Burcklé (Europe)